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Hello fellow vintage lovers!

As you know, we love checking out vintage magazines and newspapers and I have another one to share with you all!  I was given this issue of Newsweek by my boyfriend’s mother.  This issue is from June 27, 1966 making it over 45 years old! 

Newsweek: Police on the Spot; June 27, 1966

My favorite thing about old papers and magazines are the advertisements and this Newsweek has some great ones:

Victor Figuring Machine


These “figuring machine” and IBM computer system ads are proof of how far technology has come in the past few decades….

Sylvania Television Ad

and this creative television advertisement for Sylvania is gorgeous!  I’ve noticed that the advertisements from days gone by contain a lot more verbiage and description than modern advertisements…

Kodak Instamatic Camera Ad

I really like this Kodak ad…”You have camera?! I must KEES you!”

Traveler's Insurance Ad

 Looks like Traveler’s Insurance was using the “umbrella” as their symbol way back in the sixties….

Square D Company Ad


Great Day Men's Hair Color Ad

 Great Day is a Men’s Hair Color made by Clairol.  Look at all that text! TL;DR….however, you should try putting your hand over the gray half of his hair to see how much younger he looks.  Adrian and I tried it and he does look a bit more chipper with the brown hair…

Volkswagen Ad

Volkswagen liked to keep it simple….


TWA advertising their in-flight movies with a cheery ad….

Pontiac Bonneville '66


Seagram's Whisky Ad

 I think someone likes Whisky a little too much.

Atlantic Ad

“Oh what does she care about refined oil?! As long as she has an oufit to match her scooter!”

Goodyear Tire Ad

“Hmmm…maybe if I stare at the hood of the car, the tire will reinflate on its own.”

Oh! I also wanted to mention that another one of our items made into a very creative Etsy Treasury today!

My Color Palette

Lindsey Rose of CreativebyHeart created this beautiful Etsy Treasury featuring our 1970s Vera Neumann Butterfly Blouse.  Thanks girl!

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One thought on “Vintage Advertisements

  1. Hi, great old ads! Thanks for sharing.
    I believe the guy in the men’s hair color ad is Ted Knight. At the time of this ad, he would’ve been recording narration for Filmation TV superhero cartoons (“Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…”).
    4-5 years later he’d be “Ted Baxter” on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and finally achieve cult status as Judge Smails in 1980′s Caddyshack!
    - William Carroll
    Denham Springs, Louisiana

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