Thrift Finds


Here are some of my thrift finds from the last week:

The loafers (thrifted at D.I.)  are my new favorite shoes! Leah found them, but they were too small for her so I was able to snatch them up! :) They cost $8, which is a lot more than I normally pay for thrifted shoes but I was able to justify the purchase because they’re for me to keep and not for the shop. The purple skirt (thrifted at Salvation Army) was a must because I’m on this short skirt kick right now. I’m obsessed with skirts and I can’t stop buying them! The checkered blouse (also thrifted at Salvation Army) looks like a lot of fun to wear. Jayare even complimented me in it when I was trying it on so that one’s a definite keeper! As for the red vest (thrifted at D.I.), I’ve been experimenting with layering lately…with most of my inspiration being drawn from other bloggers’ outfits. I want to see if I can throw this over a long sleeved dress…outfit post coming soon!

❤ SV

Thrift Finds

Hey ya’ll!

Happy 2012 to ya! I spent New Year’s Eve with a small group of friends, laughing, drinking, singing and dancing in the safety of my own living room.  It was probably the best NYE that I can remember in a long time.  I feel like some holidays get hyped up so much that, in the end, they always end up kind of disappointing. That’s how NYE usually is for me but this year was fun and, hopefully, a good indication of what this year has in store for me!

That being said, 2012 has been a great year for thrifting so far and I’ve come home with way more goodies than my closet knows what to do with:

I thrifted this Rust colored sweater while I was in Nebraska and I recently got this plaid button up shirt at Goodwill.  Fate worked out in my favor as they were, obviously, meant to be together…

I discovered this pretty yellow sweater the other day at Goodwill.  The scalloping (is that a word??) at the neck and the cutout details are my favorite part…

Adrian and I went to Deseret Industries (commonly referred to as the D.I.) yesterday where I bought this cream cable knit sweater.  I’m contemplating putting it in the shop since sweater weather lasts for approximately 45 minutes in Arizona…

Tan & White Polka Dot Sweater – thrifted at the D.I.

Camel Ralph Lauren Corduroy Trousers – thrifted at the D.I.

Vintage Mustard Purse – thrifted at the D.I.

My birthday is coming up soon and I have been debating purchasing a “new” fancy dress for the occasion.  Not surprisingly, I was having a hard time coming to terms with spending more than $8 for an article of clothing.  The thrift gods answered my prayers and showered me with two beautiful dresses to choose from…

This dress is originally from French Connection but I thrifted it from the D.I. as well. You can’t see very well in the photo but the dress has a unique,geometric cut out in the bust area.  I love how it sort of has a tiki feeling to it!

I originally picked this dress out for Adrian thinking it would fit her better than me but it turns out it fits me like a glove! When worn, the skirt flares out and the back has multiple criss-crossed straps.  Oh and the best part is that the brand name is called “Spoiled Girls”. PAH!… I love it but I can’t decide which one I like best out of the two.  Any opinions would be appreciated!

Now, I will leave you with this creepy-as-hell picture of my friend Tia’s cat sitting on my (vintage! thrifted!) chair:

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What I wore

Hi There!

Remember this shirt? I just wore it last week, but I love it so much that I couldn’t resist wearing it again this week!

I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw the bright flowers all over it! After further examination, it appears that the skirt is handmade! ❤X2!! The attached belt interlaces on the skirt, making it easily adjustable! :)

Cardigan: It’s Our Time

Top: Ship ‘n Shore (thrifted at Deseret Industries)

Skirt: Handmade (thrifted at Deseret Industries)

Shoes: Payless

Belt: Unknown (thrifted)

Since our kickball season ended last Friday and we’re all dying for a new Friday night activity!! Check back tomorrow to see photos from our season! :)

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What I Wore

Hi there!

Here’s what I wore to the office yesterday…





Top: Ship ‘n Shore (thrifted at Deseret Industries)

Skirt: Patty Wooda (thrifted @ Goodwill)

Belt: Unknown (thrifted @ Goodwill)

Shoes: Cole Haan (thrifted at St Vincent De Paul Thrift)

Necklace: Unknown


Is everyone excited for the weekend?  I’m super excited!  Tonight, Leah & I have a kickball game…actually, it’s a tournament so we’ll have to win in order to advance. We’ve had a pretty rough season.  And by rough, I mean that I’m in pretty rough shape!  Seriously though, the day following each game, it feels like I got hit by a bus!  I thought that the pain would end or that I would get used to it….NOPE!  It’s so sad!! :(  I have to remind myself that I graduated from High School about 10 years ago and I’m just not in the shape that I used to be! Anyway, tomorrow, Leah & I are going to a Halloween party at JD’s (our friend and fellow Killer Bees teammate).  Wanna know what I’m going to be for Halloween??  Check back tomorrow to see an outfit post on my Vintage Halloween Costume!

Here’s Leah and I at our last game:

Gooooooo Killer Bees!

And me and my hubby:

Do you have a busy weekend planned? Are you going to any halloween parties? Or hosting one? I can’t wait to see everyone’s Halloween pictures!

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Until next time!

<3 SV

What We Wore

Hi Guys!!

Since we both work in a professional office environment during the day, it’s pretty likely that we’re dressed up a little more than just business casual…

Leah’s entire outfit was thrifted. Way to go sista!

I can’t wait to see this outfit paired with some mustard tights! Hopefully it’ll cool off soon so that we can make this happen.

This dress has the cutest rose buttons!!

Black and White Polka Dot Dress: Maggie Lawrence (thrifted @ Goodwill)

Red Cardigan: Genesis (thrifted)

Red Belt: Woodward (thrifted)

Black T-strap heels: X-appeal (thrifted @ ARC Thrift)


My entire outfit was also thrifted!I just love how the sleeves criss-cross!

♥♥ owls ♥♥

These loafers are a nice break from wearing heels!

Top: Bending Easy (thrifted)

Skirt: JBJ Sportswear (thrifted @ Deseret Industries)

Shoes: Cappagallo (thrifted @ ARC Thrift)

Belt: Unknown (thrifted @ Goodwill)

Ring & Necklace: gift from a friend


Not only did we wear some fun vintage clothing yesterday, but we also carved some pretty amazing pumpkins! Well…they’re really not all that amazing, but we sure had a great time! We’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! Make sure to check out the SHOP cause we’re adding new stuff all the time!

<3 SV


Sweet Serendipity

Thrift Finds

A few days ago Leah and I took a midweek trip to the DI (Deseret Industries) in Mesa. I love this place. It’s like a thrift department store. The clothes are usually of better quality, without stains or holes. It’s very rare that I leave this place empty handed!

Here are a few of the items that I picked up:

I have another skirt that is a similar color to this one so I’m thinking that I might have to put this one in the shop!

This place was filled with some really great baby clothes! I haven’t really looked into vintage baby that much, but I just couldn’t pass up these items:

My favorite baby find:

This cape must to be worn by a little baby girl immediately!

Every once in a while when I go thrifting I find that one special item that I just CANNOT live without. It’s such an amazing feeling to find a piece of clothing that can get you this excited! Especially knowing that the item cost $5.00!

This here is my new favorite blouse:

These are rose buttons!

Here’s the complete outfit that I wore on Friday:

Top: First Glance (thrifted)

Jeans: Jones (thrifted)

Shoes: Marc Alpert (thrifted)

Ring: Gift from a friend

Bracelet: Courtesy of Tigereye Butterfly

Belt: Unknown (thrifted)

Leah and I went thrifting again yesterday and picked up a few cool items. Check back shortly to see what else we found!

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Sweet Serendipity